Monday, January 28

Crosslink is growing

Look at this group!

These teens just keep on coming, we can't even run them off (believe me we tried with a few).
They are really a cool group. They each have their own story and are sure to share it with you. Most of them are youth helpers during Sunday morning service.
We had about 21 again and another 8-10 helpers


Anonymous said...

How many do we have to send to the hospital before they quit coming?!?! j/k It's totally awesome and such a God thing. We're blessed to be a part of it.

Anonymous said...

I am still blown away by the youth group. Thanks for letting me sit in Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Randy! We have such an awesome group and it's is such a true blessing to be able to work with them! God Rocks! We are so humbled to even be called to serve with them! I'm sure that Randy & Laci and Dusty & Shanna would agree with us!