Wednesday, January 9


Church ain’t enough! It just isn’t…sorry to inform you all. I am not harking on your church service, activities or their vision, all that stuff is fine, it just isn’t enough. The sooner we all get a grip on this – the better! I was reminded this week that we are spiritual beings temporarily in a physical world. And just like our physical body needs daily nourishment (3 times for must of us) our spirit need’s more than just Sunday mornings. We need to nourish our spirit daily. Some of us take better care of our pets than we do our soul. Hey if I missed as many dog feedings as I have missed daily devotions or readings, my dogs would run away.
So I am sorry to inform that only 1-2 hours Sunday morning isn’t enough. We are spiritually anorexic and that ain’t healthy. Hey I desire to be a spiritual fatty, indulging in God every chance I get.
Start reading, praying, listening and studying a little more in 08 than you did in 07 and see how chubby we can get by 09. Because Sunday isn’t enough!
Let me see you try and live off of one meal a week or how about driving on one gallon of gas for a week? One shower? Yeah that would stink, wouldn’t it?

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