Wednesday, January 9

Counting the days.

I am almost done with my job in Florida! I start Discovery Church FULL TIME in February. I don’t know how to feel. I am excited to do more for Discovery but I have been there since M & C began. I was their first employee and it will be hard letting it go. It will mean less trips to see all my Tampa/Brandon friends but when we do come down, it will be to relax not work. So be praying for Sheila and myself over the next few weeks as we transition into my new full time job.

I will keep the M & C cell phone for awhile and I will help them out in whatever ways they want...I just will not be getting paid by them. Yeah I know what you are thinking...THATS CRAZY! No it really isn't. This company has put a lot of time and money into Discovery Church and our last church (KIngs Ave) so not only do I owe it to them, they deserve it.

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