Wednesday, January 30

last day!!!

ok, in 1.5 hours I start my final day at my 16 year job. I still don't really know how to feel about it yet. While going full time with Discovery Church is an answer to prayer, my job with M & C Assemblies was also a gift from God. It allowed me to serve 4 states away for 2 years.
it will be hard to "let my baby" go but I think there are good people in place now to fill the void. I am sure Jason will like having some full time help and I do look forward to stepping up. There is a lot to do in Feb with the new series and a lot of it will not even seem like work. I get to build sets, Learn me some photoshop and really start focusing on my roll here in NC.

I think I will miss "the grill season" even though I hated it for so many years. M & C can run all year with 20 workers but on holiday (cook out) weeks we could use 150 workers and keep them all buisy. I feel I work good under pressure and my best moments are ones where I was pushed into a corner and had to fight my way out. God truly blessed me with this job and it has been a large part of my life. So you folks down in Florida do me a favor, when you buy something form Home Depot, buy it assembled! It will make my ex boss some money and just might save you a headache.

As for my NC people, you can buy your stuff unassembled and have Sheila and I over for dinner and we'll build it for you.

P. S. I am blogging from my phone so I will proof read this in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Well the NC gang is excited to have you "here" full time. I know it was hard for you to leave!! that you have put the offer on the table to assemble things....come on over :-) Do you eat liver and onions or is it just Bojangles?

Council Family said...

Well this FL gang is in TN now and would love to break my grill to have you over. Glad to hear that God has you and you aren't going kicking.

Blessed to know you as friend (I know I hate mushy not get used to it),

surebeatsworkin' said...

Congratulations at going to full-time! Thank you for all you are doing for our children!

Jon & Val