Monday, January 14

OK, He did it!

For the first time during a regular service we broke 200! 206 to be exact. It was packed and looked really good. The message was well received and the service was energized. I know that the number of attendance isn’t what’s important but if people are inviting friends and bringing others to church, more people are getting the message. And thats what’s exciting! Just think about it, 206 people heard about God and how he can up them due to al your work, prayers and support.

So this weekend was a major milestone. 206 for service, 33 for youth and several men came out to play basketball. Thats a lot of opportunities to touch someone's life with the Gospel of Christ.


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The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

so sorry we missed you all. But we exceeded our limit of Floridians in Greenville that week anyway!
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