Sunday, October 7

You can make excuse or you can make an impact!

After our 4 hour traffic jam we were hungry...Big Surprise! And being that some of us had some arteries that were not clogged yet, we stopped at the next Burger King. One of the first things I noticed is that one of the ladies working wasn’t in uniform. I soon found out why. They had a few workers call out sick. We waited forever for our order to be taken and even longer for our food. The one guy taking orders was in NO hurray at all. I asked him what the hold up was and he started complaining about the workers who called out. While he gripped about it, he completely stopped working! I looked through into the kitchen and noticed that the few people back there were working at a slow pace as if nobody was waiting on them to get their food from the grill into their bellies! The ONLY one rushing was the girl not in uniform. I got my food and headed for the condiment bar…OUT OF STOCK! No napkins, no ketchup and a mess. Well after cleaning it up and restocking a few things myself I sat down, prayed and ate my food while my hungry van partners waited in line. I finished my food before they all got done ordering their food!
That was an example of a guy making excuses.

Now for some people who made an impact:
The 1st day of Catalyst we went the next block over for lunch to avoid some of the 11,000 hungry preachers. We decided on a Subway. Now you all know that Subway isn’t the quickest fast food out there but this place absolutely rocked! There were already 5 or so people in line and we came in the door with 7 more and there were more behind us. I thought for sure that we made a mistake. But let me tell you, these workers were slamming. They were taking orders on down the line and setting up the nest worker. They assembly lined our subs! I really think they had a separate mustard and mayo guy! Anyway, I told the manager that I was impressed by the way they moved us through so quickly. He said “were are just doing the best we can to handle all the extra people.” They could have easily kept a slower pace and not care about their customers at all but they choose to get into the zone and serve us at their best, and that they did! We can learn a lot from them. So if you are in N.C. near Hooly Grove and need some fast food, don’t go to the Burger King! But when in Atlanta, feel free to stop by I85 and Old Peachtree Rd. and get a sub from people who think YOU matter!
Look at thier faces, do they look like they have a full house! There isnt a seat left so we have to go outside to eat.

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