Wednesday, October 31

Ok, it took two weeks of not blogging to get you

to bug me about it.
Sorry, I was doing so well, then...crash and burn, I stopped blogging.
Just been busy and distracted. I will try harder to keep you all in the know.

Been doing a lot of thinking about the permanent install stuff at the Boys & Girls Club. We got a lot to do and I am itching to get on it. I am planning on going up there today to mess around and get some measurements, run the sound snake and vga cable, stuff like that. The problem is Sheila wants to do something fun and I don’t thing she sees that as fun.

Anyway, will get you updates on service tonight.


Brad Christian said...

I noticed! I just didn't want to bring it up because I sometimes go 2 weeks without blogging also!

Anonymous said...

Update??? Just checking... :-)