Sunday, October 7

The people we choose to be around!

Ok, here is who we crammed into Jason’s 6 passenger van for the Catalyst Conference: Jason (duh!), Me (double duh) Davey (our music dude), Randy (our other music dude who is a youth dude also), Marcus (he is Daveys caddie) and Brad (our movie dude). We covered about every area of discovery church from The head pastor to music, tech, multimedia and children by choosing these 6 people to go.

During this time together we grew closer to each other and leaned a lot about each other. Did you know that when Davey has to go do number 1 that he can hold it for 3 hours! Yeah, me neither. Marcus on the other hand cannot! As it turns out Davey and Randy are also deep Thinkers:

When it comes to picking these guys the sign!

Even Randy would not go swimming in this pool...beleive me we tried. Yes it IS green! and glowing!

This is the look Brad had all day long on both days. He was like a sponge!

I think we all had a great time and got some learning on the side.

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