Monday, October 1

So tell me, who’s had the best week ever last week?

Don’t know? Read on and enjoy.
Ok, to start with be sure to check my Saturday afternoon post about the cop (below).

Ok, We are doing a series on Outflow. It is dealing with God love first filling us up and then overflowing into our family, friends, town and even our world.
The message reminds us of a fountain…so we got one! Jason set up a large (outdoor) fountain in the middle of the church floor, filled it with water and let it run all during service.

This was our third week with the fountain and we got a little (but growing) surprise. Someone put soap in Jason’s fountain!!!

I love it! I am surprised that, with the people that come to Discovery, that this didn’t happen sooner. I am also a little upset that I didn’t think of it! By the time service was over there was foam clusters floating all over the building! Kids were having a blast! ANYWAY to the ones who did this…Don’t you know who you are dealing with? Why would you start something that Jason will probably win at! All I have to say is lock your car doors and install an alarm or you may get this:

You have been warned!


Anonymous said...

yikes these pictures still haunt my memory! So glad that car died and din't come with Randy into our marriage lol

Jason Ebeling said...

But when we stole it and painted it pink, we had you in mind. In fact, I think we actually had your name stenciled over one of the door handles didn't we?

Anyhow, yep, that was Randy's car after I got done with it. And it wasn't unprovoked. He smeared limburger cheese in my air vents and dumped two boxes of moth balls in my back seat. Let's just say that wherever I went, people could SMELL I was there.

Anonymous said...

you won't believe this, but Steph saw THAT car in Brandon a couple of months ago!!