Monday, October 15

The servers get served!

first off check Jasons blog.

Ok, are you back? No, I will wait a little longer...

Wasn't that awesome?! We had a blast. THIS WAS CHURCH at its best. So when we got back for lunch. Mark form Cubbies came out to cook some of his burgers and hot dogs for us. When I told him that we'd come by Monday with a check, he told me "NO WAY" this is on him! So while we were out blessing the town, he was under a hot grill blessing us! He cooked 100 hamburgers, 100 hot dogs and provided all the fixens! So this guy who doesn't even go to our church blessed 100+ of us with free lunch...We Got Served!

So if you are coming to Greenville/Winterville, you need to stop in to Cubbies on Worthington near Old Tar and see Mark and his crew!


Anonymous said...

Claude...come in claude...are you out there?

Anonymous said...

come on, we're reading your blog like you wanted and your NOT posting lol