Monday, October 1

Missed opportunities

Have you ever passed by a penny on the ground and NOT picked it up? Have you ever thought why you didn’t bother to pick it up? Maybe because it isn’t worth that much to you, you didn’t have the time to stop, your back hurts and you don’t want to strain it or maybe its just dirty and you don’t want any dirt on you! Well this week in service we touched on it. No, not the penny…the lost opportunity! You see, the lost penny is a lot like lost people. They need to be valued and loved, but too often we don’t recognize their worth, we are in a hurray or we don’t want to put out the effort into them. Did you know that the penny on the ground is worth just as much as it was the day it was created? Well so are the lost people. They are worth the effort and we need to be loving them, not just passing by thinking: someone else will get it. Don’t miss the opportunity to bless people. Go the extra mile and see the value.

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