Monday, January 19

slow blogger here

Been busy and been sick. Plus with all the blog action lately, I have to watch what I say :)
So I am feeling better now, I had like a crash flu or something, it hit me at 12:34pm on thursday and knocked me out for the weekend. I am still hacking up some unknowns but I feel 100% better now.
We are on pins and needles waiting for our snow to start and praying that we get enough to play in like all of my fellow bloggers have. It does not snow here very often and Sheila has been threatening to go back to Fl.

So anyway, Church Sunday rocked. We had a great worship service and I think the crowd was louder than the band. If you don't attend our church, then feel free to listen to the podcast There are videos up somewhere but I can never find them.


Sheila said...

Just to clarify... I would NOT go back to FL!!! (unless my wonderful husband felt led to go back!)
I just want my snow!!!!!!!

The Nassars said...

heard you were sick... hope you get better soon!

Jenn said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

yea you old man you feel better because the youth is out of your house. :D such a liar u had a flu of boys and that was it.