Saturday, January 31

Daddy got a brand new toy

So we took the in-laws to the big city of Raleigh yesterday to go shopping at a real mall. Well when in Raleigh you have to stop by the big music stores cause they have all kinds of cool stuff with buttons and strings and all. AND before I go on, I cannot play anything and have NO musical talent to speak of. But in Sam ASh I saw a usb keyboard marked down from $199 to $59! So I had to have it!!! I would rather have an 88 key but hey, I don't know how to play but one key at a time anyway. So this is a 66 key.
Apple has some cool apps so I can start to learn or I can use this to keep dust off of my desk. Either way, it's cool and was cheap.

So here is me and my new toy:

Sheila does know how to play a little so maybe we can start a band~


surebeatsworkin' said...

Hey Claude. Thank you for doing your part to stimulate the economy. All kidding aside, if you want to start a band, Zachary is ready with his new electric guitar. Can you play "Smoke on the Water" too?

Anonymous said...

I will stick with Rock Band.... But good luck!

Davey Kolk said...

that looks huge compared to mine! by the way smoke on the water is G Bb C - G Bb Db C - G Bb C - Bb G

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

ok, I know where C is!!! How am I doing?

Brad Christian said...

Dang with the new Garage Band you will be playing and making loops and stuff for the DC band!