Thursday, January 22

beat her to it!!!

Sheila has been to quick on the blogs lately and she is using all the best pictures. But I got sneaky and got the camera from her before she posted our latest addition to the family:

yeah, she is a little crooked but she is ours!!!

and yes she was sportin oaklys for the phto

Sorry Sheila, I had to post these 1st!


Council Family said...

Jael will be sooo incredibly jealous of your snowwoman...did you catch what she named her "snow baby" on our blog earlier this week. I think James may have put it in Facebook too.

Sheila said...

I can't believe you STOLE my pictures! I was so proud of our little snow girl!
You better watch out! I'll get you back for this!!!!!

The Nassars said...

I have been waiting for someone to post a pick of a snowman with all the snow that NC got!!!

Dean and Mary said...

Ooo... I can feel the love burning between you and Sheila now. LOL Great snowgirl. Love the hair and the glasses. You guys ROCK!!