Saturday, July 22

we made it to the sunshine state

We left N.C. Jungles at 6:00pm and drove through the night. They say we got here at 6:00am but we are not sure...we both were asleep! We hit Sheila's parents bed and didnt look back.
Now Sheila is in there conspiring to shop! I have got to undermine her devious plans!!!

check in all week for updates and also be sure to check Dustys blog (link on this page), since I am going to make him post!

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Jason Ebeling said...

Wow Claude...I'm impressed

You're up to date and posting regularly...and I like the idea about 'making' Dusty post.

Next time you pull an all nighter, call me and I'll let you listen to some "fancy" music. Check my blog for a sample to listen to.

Have a great trip.

And what's with the comment moderation being turned on? Don't you trust me?