Saturday, July 22

Feel whipped

Well the shopping happened! Please pray for our support to raise to cover it! Just kidding, Sheila only went to have her nails done...did you know there are 20! And yes she had them all done. We hit Sonnys BBQ for lunch since we dont have any back HOME!

After that we headed back to BED. After preaching my 1st message, putting on our 1st day camp and driving 12 hours (all in a straight 150 hours) we were beat. The bed welcomed both of us and didnt want to see us leave it.

We are going to visit KABC in the morning to say hello and thank you to our friends and supporters.

Pray for Sheila, her eye lids are swelled up and we cant seem to get them back normal. We really dont know why (except for the ubove stuff). She wants them better by the morning so please pray. So if she's wearing sunglasses at church, you didnt pray hard enough!

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