Thursday, July 20

Day camp casualties = 1 laptop!!!

Well for those who aren’t up to date: in December I got a new laptop for Discovery church work on the road. In January I cracked the screen! It was cracked on the bottom and was still usable so I named it “My CrackTop”. Well on day one of Day-camp, we were using it for a short film and music and I guess the sun did it in. The screen is now completely black and un-seeable at all. It does still boot up and I can use it with the projector but as a portable…it’s gone! So now the CrackTop has been renamed The BlackTop! Please pray that we can get the finances to get it replaced or fixed ASAP. I do depend on it and WILL be taking Sheila’s when I am on the road and on Sunday mornings, this WILL tax our happy home until its resolved. PRAY FOR ME!

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