Friday, February 13

V-day run around

Today I am taking my wonderful wife to some of my favorite spots. We will be picnicking for all of our meals in deferent locations
We have a blanket, food and snakes, drinks and the camera.
We are not driving to the first spot, check back in a few to find out where we will be.


Josh said...

be careful eating with those snakes, I hope they are not

Dean and Mary said...

Are you sure she's gonna like snakes? Doesn't sound romantic to me, but hey... you guys are a bit differnt. *Big Grin* Hope she loves every minute of it.

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

So we didn't eat any snakes! But the snacks were good! Did you know Fig Newtons have 110 calories in just 2 cookies. yeah me neither, so I left those 2 and ate the rest!!!