Wednesday, February 11

PC tech blog part 2

this is a short blog series on computers, how to fix them and what is wrong with them.
Are you the guy that ALWAYS seems to have computer issues?
Even if you get a brand new one?
Do you have problems with cell phones not working right?
If this is you, I am here to tell you why:

Some people have a physical condition that can actually interfere with electronics.

It is a simple condition know as hair, that's right, hair. I have a friend (no names to protect the fuzzy) who has all of the above problems. I have even see simple electronics like flashlights stop working when he is near. The hair, when with to much accumulation, will actually create a EMP field that can and will interrupt electric currents.
While there are solutions like waxing, shaving and even laser hair removal, you will find that most victims will do nothing to cure their problems. Instead the bask in denial and deal with the device problems. May time calling people not effected with this symptom to see if they can help get things running again.

The below image is a little graphic and parental guidance may be required, but here is a severe case if the described aliment:

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Jason Ebeling said...

Awww, is Claudie Waudie mad and trying to get back at me because I was able beat him at his own game by hijacking his desktop and filling it with pictures of my face?