Sunday, February 8

this post has two titles:

"Yeap, that's where we came from!"
"The perfect food for men AND women!"

you must check out this link!
I don't know if I should be discussed or planning a trip to Florida!!!
That is the most gross thing I have ever desired!!! Wonderfully disgusting! I just have to have some but how dare you try to sell that junk to me!!!

maybe if Sheila licks the chocolate and then gives me the bacon?


Dean Hewitt said...

I am disappointed, what about whipped cream on an onion?

Dean and Mary said...

I like bacon. I like chocolate. But I can't honestly say that Chocolate bacon sounds appetizing. Very scary. The thought makes me queezy.

Anonymous said...

Patriot would eat it. He probably has tried dipping his bacon in the chocolate syrup on his chocolate chip pancakes at VI. I know he used to dip it in the whipped cream.