Thursday, May 22

We are in (or near) DC!

It sounds really cool and I am glad that Discovery Church pushes things like this. I should be a really great event and I plan on blogging about it while were there (if I have internet!)

Last night when we got here, Jason, Lora and Randy went to check out our nations capital. I decided not to tag along and stay at our friends (the Zerkles). Not that we see them much now but they are moving out to Arizona next month and I don't see Jason doing any church growth conferences that far away! So it was really cool to have them to myself most of the night. When the gang returned I was able to retire to bed and let them catch up.

I know that downtown Washington is cool and all but historical stuff brings back bad memories of 9th grade history I will pass, at least until I can bring Sheila and stay for a few days.

So check in every now and then and pray we have WiFi there!!!

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