Friday, May 30

The Brookside Mountain Mist Inn

Our stay at the Brookside Mountain Mist Inn has been amazing. The Bed and Breakfast is huge at over 6000 sq ft. Our room is very quaint with the softest bed I have ever been in. There are four other rooms each with their own theme. And everything is 20-30 minutes away from here! We got Maggie Valley, Smokey Mountain Parkway, Asheville and more right here around us.
Carol and Dina are the nicest “inn keepers” you will ever see. Dina was a massage therapist and Carol was a chiropractor down in Florida. Their office was actually walking distance form our house in Brandon! I would say it’s a small world but being out of the Tampa area is how we came across them. You see M&C Assemblies (the company I worked for) disassembled a workout center for Carol and Dina. Then when M&C found out that these ladies were NC bound, they offered for me to re-assemble it for them. So our first day here was work, sorta, my tools needed some dusting off anyway! 

How nice are they? Well I don’t think they really get the Bed and BREAKFAST thing because these two have been taking care of us all day and night. from homemade snacks to providing medical care for my bum foot! Carol even prescribed some more exercises and care to help heal my heel. They have also made sure we find the best restaurants and “must see’s” around here. This house/inn is nice but these two ladies are an added bonus!

Right now I am sitting in a huge den beside a big fireplace looking out over the mountains through about 30 feet of floor to ceiling windows. There are birds galore, squirrels and even some chipmunks running around out there. Right outside of the windows is a huge deck that goes the length of the inn.

I will leave the dining experience to Sheila’s blog here. But don’t be surprised at how FAT I am when I come back!

We have pictures of the B&B up here so check it out HERE.
So when you need a break PLEASE come up (Florida folks) or come over (Greenville folks) and visit Carol and Dina for a few days of relaxation, hiking or just Sasquatch hunting. We are having a blast and are NEVER coming home. (Sorry Jason & Randy!)

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