Thursday, May 8

Here is why I am posting at 1:00am!!!

Tonight (or was it last night?) we took the Crosslink teens to Wilson (bout an hour away) to a "True Love Waits" event. I downed two energy drinks for the ride there and back...they just kicked in!!!
We mentioned the event Sunday night and by the time we loaded up the cars there were 26 of us cramming into vehicles. We had a BLAST! We got to see some old friends play in the band (Steven and Jonathan) and the speaker was good. The message was well received by our teens and I think some of them were challenged.
One of our girls got saved (Whaa HOOOOO!!!) and another made her salvation public to all of us! Man, that is what it's all about! 
They had a wedding set up with the guy in a white tux and the girl in a white gown. The the speaker pored tomato sauce on them to represent the "baggage" (or cactus!) that our past relations bring into our marriage. It was awesome! Kids couldn't believe he would ruin their clothes! But thats kinda the way it is, just not with clothing.

It was a good time and we had a great turn out. Thanks to all the leaders and drivers that helped us get them al there.

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