Thursday, April 10

yeah, yeah, yeah!

I know its bee a few. But what can I say? All is well and I am sure I will have a ton to blog about soon so stay tuned. In the meantime: We have been talking about our need and possible uses for a bus (like 54 passenger). Well we haven't made a decision to move forward with it...until this week. We had a person put a check in the offering marked "bus fund"! Praise God, we now have a bus fund going! We are so thrilled that others see a need for this.

We could use it to pick up collage freshmen for church, youth trip & lunches, kids trips during summer and even to get adults to conferences. So I think we would get good use out of one and it would be fun!

Here is what I would like: A medium school bus that we could take on a 12+ hour trip without worry of breakdown or trouble. I would like to have it "fixed" up so that people would enjoy riding on it and others would know we are coming! Things like a good sound system, custom paint inside and out and of course a huge Discovery Church logo on the side. While I am dreaming, I want some dubs on it too :)

I have seen buses anywhere from $1200 to $75,000! I am sure you get what you pay for...unless of course God gives us one!

OH YEAH, ANYONE who gives to the "bus fund" gets to go on the first ride!


Brad Christian said...

Hey! If I start sending in checks marked "Lighting Fund" do you think that might happen too! lol... Right now my main concern is my Tribecca Fund - If you know what I'm saying!!! Later!

Anonymous said...

So as of a few days ago there was a church in Wilson selling their old church "school" bus. It's been parked in front of the church for a few weeks now, I think its still there. Not sure if its what your looking for, but it might be worth a call. Raleigh Road Baptist Church 252-243-0383

Hope you & Shelia are doing well, miss u guys!


Anonymous said...

I need lots of cup holders to hold my teeth


The Nassars said...

does anyone have a CDL license? Or maybe NC doesn't require one??
I've seen your driving Claude, don't know if you would pass... :)

Sheila said...

Nicole, thanks for the info on the bus in Wilson. We will look into it!!! We miss you too!

Valerie, yes we need drivers with CDL licenses! We have a couple folks, but will need some more! Claude's driving is scary, but beggars can't be choosers!!!! Miss you Valerie!

Anonymous said...

You forgot the HDTV and DirectTV :)

KingMaker said...

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