Monday, April 21

Just checkin in:

Before my "when are you gonna post again'ers" hit me:
I sit down here sometimes, load up my "New Post" window and go blank...nope nothing to say. Sometimes I even find myself typing out something to delete the whole thing.
So I think I need a templet for my regular scheduled post. So for now, I will just throw some random doings your way.

Wow what a busy weekend!
We had a wedding to go to Saturday that we actually helped with. Sheila and myself helped with the setup and I made an attempt to video the ceremony. It was for Rich and Kelly Garner, they are some of our small group family. Now being a guy, I have to admit, I don;t really like going to weddings. You have to dress up, turn your phones off and sit through a long drown out set of event that mean a lot to the ones close to the lucky couple but little to the rest of us...BUT, this was by far the best wedding I have ever been to! We all had fun. It was well done, not over done and the lucky couple just happens to be close to us. I an mot saying this because they read my blog, I mean it, plus they are too busy right (on the playground) now to be on the internet checking blogs! So good job guys and congratulations!

Ok, then comes Sunday. I do Children's church and I tie into what Jason is speaking about. Well, Jason isn't speaking! Dusty and Frank have been. They do not come to staff meetings so I have been on my own to come up with stuff. We went for the story of Joseph. This week I really didn't feel too much and had no ideas to bring the message home in a way the kids would enjoy and remember. Here it is 10:10am Sunday morning and all I have is the story from the Bible, so we rolled with it...And wow, I think it was one of the best weeks in a while. The kids got it and had fun. The message tied into big church and I enjoyed myself. Totally changed my day!

Saturday night was ufc fight night. after the wedding, I was not stayi'n up! Men, you know what weddings do to your wives? It reminds them of your wedding day! It makes them feel all romantic and STUFF. So my advice to you guys is: when you take your wife to a wedding, spend some conjugal time with her afterward. It was, after all, the biggest day of her life and she likes to remember it. So, I used discretion and decided to record the fights. Husband points for me!!! (too bad a certain someone can't say the same). So Sunday after church and a great lunch with the Wallaces, I went home to watch the big fights. a few hours into it the main event starts, round one AWSOME! Georges St. Pierre is unstoppable! Then in round two, my dvd started skipping!!!! Right at the winning moves in the match! I missed the most intense few seconds of the whole night! Oh well, I still saw the win and the other fights were great.

Now on to Youth group (Crosslink). Wow, this is fun, We have a blast and love these teens. We are on our second week of Marker Tag where they all get white shirts and magic markers to "tag" the other team. What a hoot. Green team is dominating it so I think we need to redo our teams. Dusty was kind enough to dig into his morning sermon for us. I think these guys engage and want to learn. I missed a few teens smiles this week: Gabby, Josh, Sam, Ashely, Izzy, Kelsey, Tyra, John and izzie. We missed you guys and can't wait to see you all.

That's my blog and I'm sticki'n to it!


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Claude's Blog is now officially rated PG-13 for the use of the "Playground" illustration and using the word "conjugal" - lol - Oh yea... welcome back to the blogosphere!