Monday, April 21

Useful Life Trick

Ok, so I borrowed this one, but it's a keeper. Today I went on a quest to better fight my clutter. It started with my emails then my to do list and now I am finding all sorts of clutter helps. Try this one:
We have closets full of clothes. I go through them every now and then but I still have way more than I need hanging there threatening to bring down the whole wardrobe to a crashing mess on the floor. 
So go into your closet and reverse EVERY hanger to where the hook is backwards. I know this is harder to get them off the pole but check this, every time you wear something, wash it and put it back the normal way. In six months or a year look to see if there was anything that is still on a backwards hanger. OK, now get rid of that stuff! Look, you didn't wear it all that time and it probably wasn't new when you reversed the hanger so it's not only neglected, but out-dated also!

There you have it, look forward to saving some space and getting some new clothes that you may actually wear.

Next week: Ironing 101....NOT!!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you actually do this? It sounds like a good idea and something Sheila might do but I find it hard to believe it of you. But wonders never cease. Let me know in 6 months how it worked for you and I might try it.

Anonymous said...

that would work, but what about those clothes that you way to special events or holiday? but then if you got rid of all that stuff and an occasion came up, it would give you a chance to go and purchase new outfits???