Monday, April 28

I can't go on!!

3 hours in! I have carved a note to my loved ones into the table. I pray that someone will find it and know what happened to me! Let my fate be a warning to those who come after me. Save yourself from this torment. Stay as far away from staff meetings as possible. It's just not worth the risk!.....fading out, can't


Kim said...

Wake Up Claude!! You can make it--drink some more sweet tea and muster the energy. I have faith in you.

Derick Shipley said...

We should prob send someone over to check on Claude. I think the staff meeting might have done him in.


Dean and Mary said...

Someone would think that Jason had learned how to have a short staff meeting after all the long ones we had to endure at Kings. LOL
Sorry Claude. I feel for you.


Jason Ebeling said...

It is now 6:33 on Tuesday evening. I have finally released Claude from the staff meeting to go to the hospital and have his arm looked at....and also his brain...his wonderous imagination and pre-planned timed posts are getting him in a world of trouble.

Kim said...

It must have been really bad because it is now Thursday and we haven't heard from him