Sunday, February 10

Dudes that I love (not in that way!)

Ok, over the next few weeks I am going to highlight and spotlight Dudes that mean a lot to me in Christ. These are people that I hold in the highest regard and thank God for their help and willingness.

This week is Randy Strickland (aka: Rand-Man, Little Orphan Randy, The Rand-a-nator and Raggedy Randy). This guy is awesome in so many ways that it will be hard to do him justice here.
He's on the left

Disclaimer: If you make my list and I don’t write as much about you or post as many pictures, please keep in mind that I have know Randy for a long stinkin’ time (I think even longer than I have know Jason).
Randy was a helper to me in the Awana Clubs while he was in High School. He worked for me at M & C Assemblies and has been serving the church for as long as I have known him. He comes from the coolest parents who both serve God and actually made it possible for Sheila and myself to be here with you all. I also know for a fact that those two are very proud of him.
He has a way with people, but he is even better with teens and elementary kid than he is with grown ups. He is funny! If you can talk to him for 3.4 minutes and not laugh at something, then you are just no fun at all and need to seek help. He is even funny when he’s mad…but you WILL get his point!
He is a hard worker. When he worked with me, he was truly one in ten that I treasured as an employee. He worked hard and fast. He never compromised his integrity and he was a great asset to our company.
He has only been a husband and a father for a short while but, as with everything else, he is impressive at it. He will (and does) anything for his family.
Now to the pictures:

He's a thinker!
He's a sleeper!

He talks in circles!

He's......Peter Pan?

Randy is currently serving in our praise band, our youth group (crosslink) and he is a big part of our creative team here at Discovery Church. So a big THANK YOU and keep-on-servin to you Randy!
Ok, I had to add this picture! this was just to funny.


Laci Strickland said...

Wow! This is really sweet. I couldn't have said it better myself..(except that you forgot to mention he's incredibly handsome!!) hehe
Laci :)

Anonymous said...

...and he sings pretty good too!

Thanks Randy for all that you do. Your honesty and spirit are inspiring!

Jason Ebeling said...

Randy, I'm a little concerned....I only know of two professions that dance on chairs like that and I don't think Randy is part of Cirque du Soleil....

Jason Ebeling said...

But he is a great guy! Glad you're here. Just don't EVER do that again with the chairs ok? Ok.

Anonymous said...

What, you've never heard of Sit-n-Fit?!?! The old lady that does aerobics sitting in her chair?? It's on PBS or public access back home. She's great. What were you thinking of pastor??

Thanks Claude. I really appreciate the kind words. No more scarves though because people will start thinking things.