Sunday, February 10

Dudes I love (not in that way!)

Dude 2 is Davey Kolk, He is our music minister/praise leader. Davey is the coolest weird person you will ever meet. He marches to the beat of his own drum (ok, maybe metronome but you get the point). He is a good friend to Dude # 1 (Randy). This guy has more talent in his pinky then I have in my whole body! He has his own blog so check it out. He brings so much to the Discovery Church Table that I cannot even imagine how it would be without him. He helps plan services, he brings the humor to staff meetings and he always says things in the nicest possible way. If he has a problem with you, he will let you know in such a nice way that you somehow leave feeling good about it.

He plays a mean guitar! He is very humble about his talent. He is good, really good. Check his blog, a few weeks back he posted a classical piece he was working on. He has a desire to give God his best on stage and loves good quality sound. He works miracles with the loaner stuff we have to work with.
Davey loves the Lord! He is always willing to pray and I love listening to him do it. He talks to God like a friend but with reverence. It’s neat. If you ever meet him, you have to test his music trivia. He knows NO secular music at all but boy does he know his Christian songs!

He is getting married soon to a girl that is equally in love with God and equally talented. I got a chance to watch these two work together, on a nursery cd and boy, they knocked my socks off. Forgive the pun but they were in tune! They were working as one and it was nothing less than an honor for me to be a part of it.
And now for some pictures:
Randy is his mini-me!

He loves to serve nice and early in the morning!

He's been know to be fuzzy!

He, too, is a sleeper!

If there's food, he's in! So is his Dad (between, him and his mini-me)
So give it up for Davey (Aka: Kolk-a-mainia, the Kolkster, Kolk-er-cola and the Yeti)!
Thank you for who you are and what you do!


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more! Davey is such a blessing and a really cool person! I will also agree that he's weird, but that's why he's so adorable! It's DAVEY!

Anonymous said...

Ditto here! Thanks Davey for all that you do to bring our worship together. You are a joy to watch every week.