Monday, February 11

Crosslink is stepping up

Our youth group is really growing. It’s a little intimidating! I thank God for Randy and Jason having both served with youth over the years. This is a true building process and with God’s help we can point it in the right direction.
If you are into praying, here is my request: That first and foremost, God is and remains in total control. Then that God will do something unique with this group. Not that “the normal” youth group isn’t good but I envision something special here. I don’t know what, that’s why we need your prayers. Also pray for depth, I want these teens to be grounded in God not fun & fellowship. And lastly, that God will make this all happen easily. I am not afraid of work but, hey I wanna be selfish a little and want this thing to flow. Plus the less I do with it, the less chance I have to mess it up!

This week at Crosslink, we had 25 teens and about 11 worker/helpers! Praise God, these kids are still bringing their friends! We had a great time with the games. They played “Bear, Ninja, Cowboy” (hey Randy, we need to do a video on this! Youtube baby!!!), Then we had a little round of Doughnut hole basketball. The only dribbling here was from their mouths! After that we settled down for a little lesson on applying God to our events. It went a little like this:
The event is the paint

Going into an event or activity prayed up and relying on God is like the Primer before the paint (event). It is preparation and It will offer a good foundation for whatever is to come and God will show through.

Occasionally, we find ourselves somewhere unexpected and haven’t had the time to pray about it or think things through. This is where the Clear coat comes in. You apply it after the fact and it protects and shines. How do you do this? When you find yourself somewhere unexpected that could compromise your integrity. Take a second to remember God, that he will never leave you, that you are not ashamed of Christ. Pray (under your breath or quietly) To God for wisdom, protection, courage and strength. When you do this, you will shine and not find yourself dirty and scratched up.

So here are your options: Prime, Shine or Whine!

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