Friday, September 28

When serving others gets tough!

Wow, a few moths back Discovery Church helped out a group by setting up all of our sound, stage, curtains and chairs for a gospel sing they were doing to raise scholarship money. It was great, we had a few problems like feedback and stuff but it was a great evening.

Well I couldn’t stop helping with just that so I offered to edit the videos that we shot with 2 cameras and put them on DVD…then came the problems. First off my camera didn’t record ANYTHING at all. Apparently the tape wasn’t rewound. Then their camera was a different type of tape and I can’t import it into my computer for editing. To top that, they gave me a VHS tape with an interview on it to edit into the DVD. I can get VHS into my computer either! Do you think I was getting frustrated? If you though: yes, then you are right. So the battle begins. I had to barrow 2 different cameras to get all of the video onto my computer. That bing done, it was time to edit 2 hours of film. FUN FUN FUN. So, I got that all done and feeling pretty good, almost done, so onto the DVD burning. Easy right? NO! After a whooping 11 hours of rendering the DVD will not burn! It is some type of formatting error. So my outflow attempt is getting tough to deal with. I thought I would be done today but NOOO. I will ruin one more DVD before I call a friend to help out.

So what made me think serving others would be fun and easy? I truly want to call them and bail out. But I was the one who offered to do it. They never asked me to do it. I knew (or at least thought) I could do it. So pray that my efforts will not lead to failure, pray that I don’t put an axe through my computer screen, and pray that I can get over myself and get this done without any more whining!


Jason Ebeling said...

So that's what you've been doing all week.

So is it the mac you're having trouble with? Hard to give a green light on a trip to the Apple store if you're already having rotten Apples!

Jim Bird said...

It can't be the Apple. The commercials say Mac's are fool-proof (insert your own joke here).