Monday, September 17

Been Sick

See, I really dont get sick that much. Or when I do, it;s really not that bad and I can still function. This time Sheila and I both got it bad. We are getting over it for the most part, just some stuborn flem wanting to hang around. Anywhay, I have been SOOOO out of it that I really dont think last week actualy happened. I dont remember much but I am sure that I forgot to do a few things that I promised you all that I would do...Sorry and remind me and I will get right on it. Anywhy, for the most part I am back on track.

BTW, I am exited, we are meeting with 2 different familys for diner this week. It will be great to hang with the people from church OTHER THAN JASON.

1 comment:

Jim Bird said...

Uh-huh. AND you tried to give your illness to ME your houseguest! Can you say "rudeness"?

Just kidding. Glad you are feeling better.