Monday, September 10

Cause You Asked For It.

This sundays Discovery church numbers are:

NEW FEATURE: each week I will tell you somthing that happened in Church! Look in the ( )

Attendance 9/09/07 was 163 and offering was 1822.30 (Fountain in room and still more green shirts)
Attendance 9/02/07 was 138 and offering was 3394.45 (must have been a boring service and more green shirts)
Attendance 8/26/07 was 199 and offering was 4596.00 (cunkin doughnut holes and some green shirts)
Attendance 8/19/07 was 127 and offering was 2747.46 (bull run)
Attendance 8/12/07 was 132 and offering was 3945.00 (Claudes life story)
Attendance 8/05/07 was 107 and offering was $2971.71
Attendance 7/29/07 was 132 and offering was $1998.00
Attendance 7/22/07 was 137 and offering was $2557.82

This week we had a whoppin 9 1st time guest and 6 2nd timers!!
This is just good stuff!

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