Saturday, September 29

But officer!!!

“I thought THAT WAS the speed limit! If you let me off with a warning I promise to pay better attention to the signs, AND I always donate to the Policeman’s Ball!”

You know, If I hadn’t seen mine and Sheila’s head’s on CHA CHA dancer’s, I may not of posted this…NAAAAH, I would have still posed it.

I even turned around to get a better shot! Oh yeah, on our third pass Jason has a “Sheila mask” on but my camera doesn’t do well at 45mph…which by the way, IS THE SPEED LIMIT!

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Jason Ebeling said...

Yep, only got a warning. Posted an actual scan of the warning on my blog to combat any nasty rumors that may be started by Claude. I admit I was going too fast. Thankfully I got to experience the officer's outflow and just got a warning.