Wednesday, September 21

What's the difference?

Spoiler alert: I will not attempt to answer anything with this post. Instead I promise you only more question. So if you came here searching for answers, you might want to leave now. 

Let's go:
I have been to a ton of movies. during which I have seen too many stores, characters, heroes, villains ,  disasters, miracles and mysteries to mention. Some really good, some really bad. I have been comfortable and very uncomfortable in theaters, both cold and hot. I have been late to movies and I have been early. Lots of variables. But there is one constant in all of this: 

I always leave unchanged.

I go home merely being entertained and possible with a little more knowledge that I probably will not ever put to good use. 

So what is this all about? Well, I have done the exact same thing at many churches.
(Ok I guess I did answer at least one question) 

Too many people (including me) leave Sunday afternoon unchanged from Sunday morning. I dare to say it is possible to encounter Jesus and not be even a little bit changed. I mean: He said He came to give us life and that more abundantly didn't He? So where is the change. 

I was once told that I had a tire going flat. with nowhere to fill it up, I had to drive it that way. The information of a low tire certainly changed my driving. I was more cautious and aware of my surroundings. I drove careful. I changed. When I got a particle in my eye working on a car one time, I changed, now I wear safety glasses. Why is it we can sit and hear what we claim is the word of God and yet still walk out of church unchanged. With warnings and promises coming straight from our Creator, i would think we would change.

Well I for one am ready for some change.

I am so glad that Discovery Church is starting this new r12 series. We are digging into what God wants from us, what true spirituality really is. And I hope I come out of it changed. We will be studying Romans 12 and looking at what the Bible says about who and how we should be. 

One more thing about the movies and church
I always leave unchanged yet willing to come back. Just because I come back, don't mean I come back different from the last time I left unchanged. 

So my prayer is that God will change me, That I will allow Him to, and that in six weeks, I will be a better disciple that I am today.

Thanks for reading...hope it challenged you to change.

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LinkrMom said...

Very well said! Thank you for making me think about it...!