Wednesday, September 28

Red light Green light

How is it that my heart can be so full and thrilled and yet at the same time hurt. Well I think that just may be the heart is supposed to be. I think there probably should be a balance between the two. Too much hurt is depression and too much joy is...well.. It's kinda annoying! Really: they both, in abundance, are not the best of company. 

There is good in this world and there is bad in this world. We must learn to embrace the good and the bad alike. When there is a win, we should celebrate it. We should honor God for providing it but never forget that there are hurting and lost people in this world too. So let's try to rejoice with the good and hurt for the bad. After all, isn't pain simply a call to action? When our bodies hurt, it is telling us that there is something wrong and it needs fixing. 

 What brings this up? I am glad you asked:

This morning was the See You At The Pole where Christians are to meet at the school flag pole ate 7am. We had an amazing group of about 12 Crosslink teens and at least that many from other churches. Yes, 24+teens up early to pray for unity in the schools and for their leadership, well, that is awesome. It is exciting for believers (of different churches) to gather together to pray. Truly amazing. I was and am honored to stand with these teens and adults. I pray that this day made a difference in the lives of these teens.

Then the flip side: (after all, you didn't think I was only going to focus on the good did you? 

There is over 2000 students at South Central (where we met) yet only 24 at the pole for prayer? I know for a fact that over 45 of Discovery Church teens got the message. Where were they? Not just my other 33 but the ones that go to all the other churches! It brakes my heart to know that they couldn't set aside a few minutes to stand up and bee seen and to pray together. Hostly if someone had told them there would be doughnuts there, I am thinking the turn out would be better. I have often found pride in how many teens get up early for Ihop on every single early release day yet only 12 of my students came to this. once a year I ask, no I expect my teens to be at the pole for prayer, to unite with other believes and to show the school where they stand. We average 38 on any Sunday night and I have to tell you that only a handful showing up hurts. It will be better next year (or before that). I will continue to pour into the people in my reach, to be here for them and to love them. I celebrate that 12 came out that may not have ever been there without people like the Discovery church staff. After all, that is what we are supposed to be doing. Pouring into others. That is the way we show Gods love. That is the door that allows the message of Jesus' death burial and redirection to be received. I thank those who came out today, I pray for you and those who didn't.
Next year we will make our stand known loud and clear. Hold me to it! Let the loving begin.


LinkrMom said...

I understand your heart hurting over this, but we will rejoice in those that made it their priority and not let those who didn't/couldn't show up be the focus!

We will praise God for them!!!

no1redheadmom said...

If it was a "choice" by some to not go, then this would apply. But I'm sure that there are those, like us, that couldn't.

Unfortunately, my work starts at 7:15 and my husband has to be at Creekside by that time as well. Mia rides with him and has to catch the bus to get to school. These are not excuses to not attend, but valid reasons. It doesn't mean our ever growing faith has waivered.

We weren't there to pray with you all at the pole, but there were many prayers going up even though we couldn't be there.

boredflys said...

We can't be scared of what we believe in, we can't hide it. We must as Christians show who we are, let people know. I want people to know, that through struggles, and hardship, even someone like me can fight for what they believe in.