Thursday, September 29

Free Brakes for my friends...

I have done a lot of brake jobs on the cars and trucks of friends. People wonder why I do it: I do not do it because I like working on cars. I don't like sweating over greasy tools or messing up the house with my greasy hands and clothes. I don't like cutting up my hands and getting brake dust in my eyes. I do it for a few different reasons:

1) I do it because I can. If I have been so blessed with knowledge or a skill, isn't it silly to hold it back from the people that are close to me?

2) I do it because it allows me to hang out with them. I refuse to have a car dropped off to be fixed, nope! If you want me to fix your car, you are going to help (after all, that's how I learned). I like the company. I don't think people visit enough anymore (including me). When I was growing up, at least 3 people a week would show up at the house randomly to talk to my step-father. People are fun (most of them). I love it when people want to just hang out.

3) I do it to serve. We are supposed to be ambassadors of Jesus, and he helped people any way he could. Since I really stink at healing the blind and multiplying the fish and bread, I will work on their cars, fix their computers and whatever else I can offer. It is what we are supposed to do and who we are supposed to be. I don't always get it right but at least there is an effort.

4) I do it to save them money. Brake jobs and most repairs are costly. If you just get the parts, We can do the rest for free. Thats $40 vs $150 or more because they always find other stuff to fix.

5) Sometimes I simply do it because you asked. Are we willing to say yes to each other? I think saying yes can be an act of worship. Don't get me wrong: Saying NO can also be an act of worship. My wife too often has been left on the sidelines when I "help" people. So when I can, I will. When I shouldn't, I will least not then.

If you haven't figured it out by now, you may never. This post is not about brakes but serving. I hope it has encouraged you to look back at yourself and ask: What am I doing for _________? If anything, why am I doing it? Is my heart right?

I think serving is like vitamins for our spirit. If we are not doing something, we are not "getting" what we need. Thats right, I said "getting". We get by giving but we shouldn't give TO get.

If you need your brakes don't, ask but don't be surprised if I ask you who and how you are serving.

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