Monday, September 28

Weekend breakdown

Wow what a great weekend! We had a blast helping Ignite church with their practice service on Friday night. They are a new church plant here in Greenville. It looked like they had over 100 people attend. It was an honor to be a part of it. They will do well.

For a gloomy weekend it really did turn out well. Discovery set-up went great with a ton of people showing up to bust it out in record time. I enjoyed setting up the sound “my way”. I like to be able to take my time and run the cables a little neater than normal. I had the youngest sound techs ever helping me out (Sarah (5)and Chandler (8)Ebeling). They worked hard and I almost couldn’t keep up with them asking “what next”. At one point I had to stop what I was doing just to keep them with task. They were awesome!

Then Sunday morning was a typical mayhem with Satan trying everything he could to disrupt me. Sorry to disappoint him but we still had a great time in Children's church. We are learning about Esther and Mordecai. We even found a few assassins among the kids. (read about it yourself, it's only 5 chapters)

Closing tear-down went great too. Our tear-down crew is awesome, and faithful. By the time I make it in there they are storing stuff away. Cable winders and curtain folders doing their part to advance the gospel: I love you guys and gals!

Then a great night at youth to close out the weekend. We had 27 teens and 5 leaders. No concussions but we tried. Will and Sasha brought the message and the games and did great. I think the teens had some fun and we even had a guest. Thanks Nick for coming out!

So now we start working on next week which is going to be even better than this weekend!

Did I mention that I LOVE MY WORK?

Pray for Ignite (new church), a friend (mike) who had his car flooded by water this weekend and for this coming up week at DC, that people will connect with God.

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