Wednesday, September 23

Last week vs this week

Last week I go everything done early and that turned out to be a major blessing since Mr Rogaine crashed his computer and I had to spend Saturday replacing the hard drive. Saturday is the day I Finnish everything that I have been putting off all week! This week though, I am already 2 days behind. I do have the thought process down for this Sunday but it isn't done until I get it all on paper and printed. Still have today and as soon as I am done procrastinating, I am going to get another cup of coffee and start on it! Really, I am!

Date night was great, good movie, great dinner and even better was the lady at my side! I think we will do this again! Though we may spend a little more money next time.

I love my kids and my teens! They make my job amazing. I sure hope I show them.

Can't wait for the Jonah series, anyone have a john boat I can barrow?

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