Tuesday, September 8

Ok so we are two days into the week and I am somehow 3 days behind!

I don't know how this keeps happening. Well I sorta know. We took the youth to a lake and the mall on Monday since they had the day off school. It was way cool and I think everyone had a great time. There were about 10 of us.

In other news, we are down to one vehicle. Our Van gave up the ghost when Sheila bumped into the car in front of her. The front license plate was bent pretty bad and at $3.00 to replace it, we considered the van a total lose. Seriously the damage wasn't that bad but towing, 2 replacement air bags and the new front end would be way more than the 200,000 plus mile van was worth. So we are down to our truck that has no third gear. Hey second is way underused anyway! I will fix it in a week or so.

Church has been real good. I am loving working with the kids and teens more and more these days. I want to be able to do so much more in both ministries, if only we had the funds and the time/help. Please pray for these things for Discovery.

I have neglected my blog (but hey, so has everyone else!) because of Facebook and work but I am trying! We use facebook now as a main connection hub for our youth. They all seem to get it. I am also trying to figure out this whole twitter thing. I hate all this stuff but I guess I don't want to find myself being the last one on the bus again.

Well that is about all for now, thanks for checking in and reading by rants. I love you all and pray for most of you :)

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Dean and Mary said...

Don't worry Claude. I'm not into all the technology so I think I'll definitely be the last one on the bus. Love you and I hope you have an awesome week and that you see God's handprint on everything.