Friday, July 24

STOP repeating yourself! I bought the book already!

This is my book grip number 2!
So I am reading along at a blazing pace of one page an hour and off to the side my eye catches some bold text, it looks important, it must be, after all, it is bold! So I stop mid paragraph to find out what the author thought was so important that she/he should interrupt my reading with, only to find out it is repeating something I already read at the top of that very page!!! What gives? Are you on a word quota or something?
Now, I am sure it is there because potential buys will flip through the pages to see what the book is about because the back doesn't tell us anything about the book!
But is is there and here is the problem: the minute I decide not to read those captions because they are a repeat, they will surely insert an amazingly insightful comment that is not a repeat, and I will miss the best part of the book.
For the record Anne Jackson, your Mad Church Disease book hand nothing but new and informative captions and they were a great addition to the book.

Join be later when I blog about incredibly long sentences (Getting Things Done)!

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