Wednesday, July 29

God is Amazing, His people arn't bad either!

Sheila, my mother and myself are in Brandon (edge of Tampa) at the hospital where my brother Tony is being kept. He isn't off the machines yet but any and every report has been an improvement.
I posted here and on my facebook and I am blow away at how many people are praying and offering us help. I just went through all of the comment with my niece.

Thank you everyone for praying and stopping by. We love you all and it really helps knowing that you are all out there pulling for us. Keep it up.

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Dean and Mary said...

Sending my love and prayers to you and your family. May God perform the miricles only He can. If you need anything I'm only 15 minutes away. I can even bring food by. 431-6412 or 662-5887
Love you always,Mary