Monday, July 6

nutti'n cute about it!

So for some unknown reason I got Sheila a "puppy" for her Birthday. Now puppies are normally cute. Well not this one! I am not one who goes by default, something is not cute just because it is tiny! You have to earn the right to be cute! And looking like some kind of rat/bat crossbred doesn't count as cute. But fret not, most un-cute babies grow up to be the prettiest adults so there is hope here. But for now: cute it is not! Judge for yourself:

the ears are simi-transparent, what the heck are those gray spots over the eyes? This thing is a destructive freak of nature!

Cute is NOT contagious either: the insertion of a cute stuffed animal dose not cute make!!!

ok rat/bat fetus looking thing!

I will put up with this mess of a puppy ONLY because I love my wife!


Sheila said...

HER NAME IS GINGER, NOT "BATDOG" AND SHE IS ADORABLE!!!! She's fearless and fiesty and I love her!
Don't you dare tell people that you don't think she's cute at times because I've seen you play with her and love on her too!!!!!!!
YOU are so pathetic! Using your blog to bash my baby!

Jason Ebeling said...

Didn't know you added another headache. At least it's not only me that's a problem for you now (and I don't pee on your floor!)

Anonymous said...

Ginger is Cute,cuddlie and adorable