Friday, June 19

Something Strange!

I am not one to believe in a bunch of strange stuff like UFO's or The Loch Ness monster but over the last few days something weird has been going on....

Friday June 19th around 7:20 there was something strange sighted at a local store here in Greenville. In the area of Greenville Blvd. and Charles Blvd.. It was dark, walked upright and was covered from head to toe in hair. It was not a monkey (tho it did act like one every now and then) and it was not a gorilla. No, this thing was big and scary!
Some people said it looked like a Yeti! Personally I think it was THIS! If I had not seen it myself, I would not have believed it! I don't know what it was doing in a populated area but it seemed very desperate to get something, it was on a mission of some sort.
Here is a picture I snapped with my cell phone! you tell me!
Look just inside the door!
the creature did seem to be leaving the area! But I will be locking my doors over the next few days!!!

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