Monday, June 8

It's a new week...

My challenge to you this week it to notice all of the little things that God does for you/us. It is easy to notice the big things God does but when what the last time you praised Him for the little things? The every day miracles that our creator does for us.
If you read my last post, you found me heading out to Communion at Discovery church to remember and worship God for His biggest gift to us, His Son Jesus Christ as a payment for our wrongdoings. As we were reflecting on this huge event that reunites us with our maker, I thought to myself that we all recognize the huge stuff but often neglect the little stuff, like the peace God gives us in times of trouble or need, that kind person He sent to give you a few words of encouragement, our health, our jobs and family, what about our freedom. I know some of you are in need in these areas of your life but continue to pray and look hard for the way God is already acting on your behalf.
This morning I got up and turned on the light, and it worked! The room was lit. Now before you give me the big old "Well Duhhhh". Do you really have any idea what has taken place to get that light to brighten up your day? You have inventors, investors, labors, your job to pay the bill, Home Depot to supply your bulbs, the electricians who wired you home, the linemen working in the storms to keep the wires intact...I could go on. These are the little things that we never praise God for.
So this week look around and see how God has and is moving. And when you do see something, give God the glory and thank Him.

Remember as in everything, we see only a tiny piece of a greater picture. A single pixel if you will. And it is not until we step way back and see what is really out there. And when you do see more of the picture and begin to understand... Step a little farther back and you will see even more.

For some of you this is hogwash, but I feel for someone out there, this is just what you needed to read.

P.S. thank God for the internet! Wow what happened to give THAT to us!

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