Tuesday, June 30

S3 Is going to be GREAT

OK, our church (Discovery) does this thing we call S3, it stands for Second Saturday Service. It is a time where we go out into the community to simply bless them. Sometimes we serve them and sometimes we give out stuff. All we really want to do is let people know that God is REAL, God is ALIVE and God LOVES us.
Well this week is the 4th of July so we are heading out that night to the fireworks. Pretty much the whole town will be there. We have over 4000 glow sticks and Pop-It's to pass out to families and kids. Now I know that these things don't really say much about God but they do put a smile on peoples face and opens a door for us to tell them about God.
We will be going out in groups and it will be a blast. Let me know if you want to join in.
So if you happen to be in downtown Greenville this Saturday night, look for the glow bracelets and know that we were there and that God loves you!

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