Thursday, April 9

This Sunday at the R.O.C.K

the Rock is our children's church. I work with k5-6th grade (actually they work with me). But this sunday we are going to have some destructive fun. Sheila and I made this:

It is out of wood and each item is cut out (mostly) and hanging on by just a little bit of wood. The kids will use a hammer to knock out the things that have NOTHING to do with what God did for us.

And bunnies have NOTHING to do with it so this little guys has to go!

Eggs, nope no egg in our salvation! I am sure we could say something like "new life" or "born again" but sorry, the egg has to go by-by.
And no baskets either. so hammer time it is.

And sorry, the cross has to go to. Now before you freak out on this one, hear me out: When God sent His Son Jesus to pay for our sins, the cross was a major part of it. But guess what? plenty of people died on cross's. There were two of them at Jesus side during his death. So death on a cross wasn't the gift, Jesus death was the gift, regardless of how he died. It is not the how as much as the why.

here is the uniqueness of what God did, the empty tomb. Thats right, Jesus did die on a cross and was placed in a tomb. On the third day (the day we "refer to as easter") He rose from the grave. once and for all defeating death. That and that alone nobody but Jesus did. All the OTHER easter traditions will leave you empty. But only the empty tomb will fulfill what God had in store for you all along.

Now if you read my post below, you will see that WE are having an egg hunt on Saturday. "OH NO, NOT an egg hunt, but I thought you said..." Right I did say that this stuff has NOTHING to do with our God and His gift of salvation. But then again, neither does putting gas in my car, hanging pictures on the wall, or calling the days of the weeks by their names. We are not trading our faith for an egg hunt, we are simply trying to bring Pitt county families together to bless them with some games, and some fun. We will offer them our help in any way we can, we will pray for them and we will feed them. And we will do it in an environment that we can control. So come out Saturday to have some good clean fun but you are welcome to come out on Sunday to hear about something even better than games and prizes, the best gift EVER GIVEN: Jesus Christ.


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Gentzlers said...

Hey Mr. Cannon since you have been telling us for the past four years that you were going to come visit us we have beds made up for you guys just tell us when you are coming.


p.s. Sarah and Josh say that you can only come if you bring us some of the new shirts (we still have the yellow ones)

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

We are doing everything we can to get there this summer and I will set aside some shirts if we have any left.