Saturday, April 11


You know I am grateful BUT I don't deserve this:
Today when we checked the mail there was a heavy envelope with no return name on it. When Sheila (my wonderful wife) opened it, we found it stuffed with gift cards from all over. This could not have come at a better time, we are beat from the egg hunt and feeling drained. So something like this is a great refill.

I am sure it is some people from Discovery Church just showing their appreciation, but let me tell you all right here and now: It is an absolute honor to be serving here. I feel BLESSED that God has brought us here to work with and around you all. I am constantly amazed at how many people at Discovery step up to help each week. You ladies and gents have broken the mold when it comes to church service. You all go above and beyond each week.

THANK YOU ALL for having us.

btw, the egg hunt ROCKED! I saw nothing but smiles all day long. I got to talk to a bunch of families and had a blast doing it. I cannot believe how many Discovery People stepped up to help, you all looked great in your blue shirts (except Brad).


Gentzlers said...

God's people can be great!


Kim said...

Thank you!! It was an honor to be serving with such an incredible group of people!!