Monday, December 29

Christmas in Fl

No snow :( but lots-0-palms
Here is our weeks rundown:
Arrived 7:30am Christmas morning at Sheila's parents house
We surprised them all and it was great.
Christmas evening we went and hung out with Davey and Janelle
Friday was shopping for Sheila (lots of it) and a movie for Me with my bro-in-law
Friday night was dinner with the Whitaker's (friends from our old church)
Saturday was more shopping for Sheila and I even went because there was an Apple store in it for me
Saturday night 10pm-1am I crashed a friends house for some UFC with friends
Sunday Sheila and I went to the church that I got saved at WAY back in 89
Sunday evening we went down a town or two to see the boyles and the Birds (more church friends)
Monday morning we did breakfast out with the family
Monday noonish we went to see Grandma (she has over 50 kids and grand kids)
Monday afternoon Sheila attacked Lettuce lake park with the kids
Monday night we went to meet Davey and Janelle for dinner and a movie (elf)
Later that night I blogged about my week....Hey thats right now!

Tomorrow we eat dinner with my brother and his new fiance
After that we are not planning anything

On a side note
While at the mall on Saturday I almost got into a fight. The mall was packed and people were on edge from all of the other people in their way. Well, As I was walking towards my destination I heard the most offensive thing ever. This dude was talking to another dude and he said....

I don't know if I can post this!

Well, I will anyway

Dude 1 said to dude 2 "hey man, this mall has an iPod Store"!
IT IS NOT AN IPOD STORE!!! It's an APPLE store!!! Get it right mr cool dude!!! It took everything I had not to jump on him and go wild monkey on his head! I mean the nerve. He is lucky I have self control or he would have a permanent limp!

So thats my story

BTW for those of you who don't know me: I am joking about going wild monkey and the limp but a dude did call the Apple store an iPod store!

Later guys and I will see you in 800 miles!

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Anonymous said...

You can take him... show that dude how you roll...