Monday, December 1

Another Great Sunday.

We had a great Sunday service with a guest speaker Jonathan Combs from our sister church in Wilson called Wilson Community Church. Jonathan is one of Pastor Gary Combs sons and Jonathan has preached for them several times. He did a bang up job for us and I felt he really let God speak through him. If you want to listen to it click here.

We also had a blast in children's church (as always) we reviewed the last 4 weeks by playing games that tied into each weeks message.

And to finish off the day we has the youth (27 or so) at our house for movies and pizza. I think we exceeded the maximum capacity of our home!
Yeah, and this is only half of them! the rest are downstairs right now.


Jim Bird said...

˙uɐɯ ǝƃuɐɹʇs 'ʎɹǝʌ 'ʎɹǝʌ ɐ ǝɹɐ noʎ

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

Ahh finally, my readers learn to google!!!